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4 Advantages of signing exclusivity with a real estate

In this post we will explain the advantages that you will find if you put your home exclusively with a real estate agency.

One of the many questions you ask yourself as a homeowner when selling your home is whether you will get results by placing your home exclusively with the real estate agency. In this article we are going to inform you of the benefits that this entails.

To do this we are going to try to break the myth that hiring a real estate agency is not a good option. The truth is that many people totally mistakenly think that choosing a real estate agency to sell a property is a bad option.

Giving the apartment exclusively to an agency has several advantages for the transaction:

The agency marries you

When the real estate agency has your home exclusively, yes or yes they sign a contract with you to sell the home. For this reason it is an advantage, the real estate will focus on your house to dedicate the time and money to sell your property.

It is double the profit, the real estate will not relax to get the sale, quite the opposite.


With exclusive sold before

The agencies have it clear: the flats without exclusive are published hiding their address so as not to give clues to the competitor. This, obviously, is not liked by buyers, who want to know from the beginning where the apartment is located.

Expovivienda is associated with other real estate agencies for a greater diffusion of the property obtaining greater results.

In addition, the agencies have marketing tools to promote certain properties

You save time and money by saving intermediaries in the process. An exclusive property forces the agency to find the best offer, not just economic.

The agencies know the real estate market and all the processes to be carried out, such as its appraisal. This allows them to make better offers, have more resources and be able to offer the flats in places and platforms that are difficult for individuals to access.



Less time to sell

The term of sale of a home, when carried out through the signing of an exclusive contract with an agency, ranges between three and six months , according to the opinion of Jesús Duque, vice president of Alfa Inmobiliaria. This period depends on various factors, such as the area in which the property is located, its characteristics, interest in marketing, investment or the level of demand that exists at that time.

However, it is proven that the sale period is reduced if there is exclusivity with a real estate agency . Specifically, according to Nacho Sobrino, agent associated with Re / Max Rosales, this is due to the fact that “the possibilities of sale increase”, since the agility of real estate agents exclusively “is total”, contrary to what happens when there is a non-exclusive contract or it is decided to sell the home privately.


 A single interlocutor

The process of selling your home is going to be long and hard. You need someone to trust, to guide and guide you. Your apartment is on the market and elicits reactions. If several different agencies tell you it may be impossible to draw clear conclusions. Events will happen very quickly and there will come a time when you will have to decide. If you depend on what various agents tell you, you may end up making wrong decisions

In short, the advantages of selling with an exclusive real estate agency are commitment, saving time, money and trust.

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