As you well know, buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make throughout your life. For that reason in this post we are going to show 7 necessary steps that you must follow when buying your home with a real estate agency in Almeria. It is important that you follow all these steps to ensure the success of this important operation:

Make sure who or who are the ones signing for the selling party

It is necessary to know who or who are the parties that sign the agreement. For example, if the signing entity is a promoter, administrator or attorney-in-fact of the company. Also if the agreement is made between individuals, of course, the owners must sign. But if the home is a property in community or family property, the parties who sign it are both spouses

Make sure they have settled the community of owners fees

Before doing anything, you will need to know first-hand if the homeowners have paid all the community fees and therefore it is free of charges. The home must be up to date with payments and expenses.

There are cases in which the purchase agreement has been materialized without the buyer knowing that the house had unpaid community fees and as a consequence it has had to take charge of the payment of said fees.

Earnest money contract

The deposit consists of a private contract that binds both interested parties in which a monetary amount is usually given as part of the payment of the total price or also called a “signal”. The most common earnest money is penitential, which allows you to disengage from the contract before signing the deed.

In the event that it is the buyer who cancels the agreement, you will lose the amount delivered, but if the seller does so, he will have to return double what he received.

Financial viability

It is an important question to follow. If you do not have enough income, you will need to request a loan with which to pay for the house. The credit that they can offer you not only depends on your income, aspects such as age, other income in the family, etc.



The most advisable thing is that the monthly fee does not exceed 30% of your income. Since the mortgage will not be your only expense, but you should pay attention to taxes, community of owners, reforms, etc.



Expenses of the sale

The purchase and sale expenses consist of a private document that agrees who is in charge of assuming the expenses, which also includes all those paid by the buyer, except those capital gains that according to the law usually run on the part of the seller.

In the event that the parties do not agree to anything, the legislation of the autonomous community in which the operation is being carried out will apply.

But in the event that the operation is carried out with a promoter, the buyer cannot assume the expenses in that case, since the expenses are incurred by the seller.

Take a look at the urban plan

The urban plan can be found in the town halls. It is advisable to know if the city council has to make any changes in the area of ​​the property in the future. If the property has been expanded, it must be ascertained that it has been following the rules of the council.

Property status

I don’t have to say it but it is the most important element to take into account when buying a home. When you visit a home you should always sharpen your sense of sight in order to pay attention to any possible defects that may exist, such as humidity, noise and any type of “hidden” damage.





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