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Buying an apartment in Almería: How to find the perfect home?

If you are thinking of buying a home in Almería, in this article we are going to reveal all the keys you need so that you can choose the perfect home that you have always wanted. We know how complicated it can be to find a home that fully matches what you are looking for but, always keeping these tips in mind you will not have any problem.

Be clear about the budget you need to buy a flat in Almería

One of the most important points is the budget you need to buy a home in Almería. Establishing an adequate budget will allow you to choose one home or another. It is decisive to make a decision and therefore must be realistic with your situation.

Some studies say that the mortgage payment cannot be more than 40% of your salary, other studies are more conservative and do not advise spending 30% , but it all depends on how far you are willing to go.

It is important to always keep in mind that it is not only the mortgage payment, but then there are endless expenses that you will incur and therefore, you must be careful with the budget you choose.

I buy a flat in Almeria

Be aware of all the expenses that come after

When you already know what budget to spend on the purchase of your home in Almería, it is time to become aware of the expenses that come later. These expenses can be community expenses, water, electricity, gas supplies, or heating, house taxes, etc.

Many people think that when they go to buy a home they will only have mortgage expenses, but they forget that there are a series of expenses that must be faced every month when using that home. First of all, find out about all the extra expenses that you will have to pay.

Get to know each neighborhood of the city.

Knowing where you are going to live is important. Each person has a neighborhood or a favorite area to go to live, but before deciding on a specific place you need to study it thoroughly to find out if the area is really what you are looking for.

You will need to know the average price of the house in that neighborhood , in that specific city or town in the province of Almería, you will also need to know the transport connections it has since nowadays it is essential, especially if you have children who will need to use it everyday.

It is also important that it has all the services that you need to use in your day to day. For example, in Almería as in any provincial capital there are cities and dormitory neighborhoods that have few services and therefore that can be quite uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis.

Check all the taxation behind the house.

Taking into account the taxation behind buying a home in Almería is very important, so much so that you can decide whether to buy a home or not. For example, the purchase of a home in Almería is subject to different taxes, including a 10% VAT, if the home is second-hand, the buyer must pay a Property Transfer Tax, which varies depending on the autonomous community, between 6% and 11%.

There are also taxes such as the Tax on Documentary Legal Acts , which ranges between 0.5% and 1.5% of the total price of the home. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep in mind these expenses that you will incur when buying a flat in Almería

Review the possible hidden defects of the home.

The possible damage to the home that is not counted before the purchase is something very serious that you should always keep in mind when you are considering buying an apartment in Almería. It is necessary to carry out a technical inspection that determines the state of all the systems and elements in the house and in the neighborhood.

For this reason, you must have the Professional Home Inspection certificates that will give you the security of knowing if the home is in perfect condition and, if not, ask the owner of said home for a possible discount in the event of defective elements.

How can we help?

Choosing an apartment in Almería can be more laborious than it seems. You think that you can only do it, that it will not take you long but you are wrong. Choosing a home can take months and months. That is why a real estate professional will make your work much easier and will give you all the advice you need.

Stop by your closest Expovivienda office and let us help you with the purchase of your home in Almería.