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Mortgage financing

When buying a flat, we usually turn to real estate agencies to find the house of our dreams, while when we need mortgage financing, we go to a bank. But there is the possibility of managing the mortgage of our home through a real estate finance company. Financial companies act as intermediaries with banks to … Read more

Tips to sell your home quickly

Many people, most of them individuals, are considering the possibility of buying and selling a home, especially the sale. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to sell a home well. Getting your home ready for visits and finding the right price are one of the main factors. Let’s start with the advice … Read more

Holiday rentals Almería

alquiler en Almería

The arrival of summer brings us sun and good weather to enjoy some days of tranquility and savor the holidays. Usually the most comfortable option is to rent a home and here, at Expovivienda, we help you choose your vacation rental . When you go on vacation or disconnect from the routine, you are looking for that when … Read more