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Tricks to buy a flat in Almería

Do you want to buy a house in almeria? If this is the first time you do it, you may be a little lost. After all, the decision to buy an apartment is not something easy, and it is even something that you may do only once in your life.

In this article we are going to give you some steps to follow when buying a flat in Almería.

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To guarantee greater reliability in your mortgage process, you will have both the advice and professional help of our sales representatives as well as the best contributions and the best advice totally free from notaries . This will allow you to carry out a safe and calm signing of your future mortgage.

This information is provided by Congress with the Law regulating real estate credit contracts. The notary will be in charge of verifying that the bank has fulfilled its tasks and, at the same time, will be neutral and will advise the contractor free of charge.

And what does the advice of a notary give you? We proceed to explain to you to buy a flat in almeria.


These are the options that you should shuffle:

  • The financial institution.
  • The credit that interests you the most.
  • The notary. You can choose the one you want.

Once you have decided this, you will have to go to the notary during the ten days prior to the authorization and signing of the public deed of your mortgage.

And it would only be left for the client to contact the notary of their choice so that they can send them all the documentation related to the mortgage loan electronically.

Once this is done, this is when you should meet alone with the notary.

When you go to the notary:

  • He will explain the most important aspects of the loan and answer all your questions.
  • It should help you to have complete knowledge of the contract and, therefore, of your rights and obligations.
  • And he will draw up a notarial act that will be free of charge, in which he will record the verified facts and the explanations given to the consumer, as well as the questions that he has raised with their respective answers.

About hiring insurance …

Do not be fooled!!!

The Regulatory Law of Real Estate Credit Contracts , better known as the New Mortgage Law , restricts the so-called mortgage-related products.

Therefore, they should no longer convince you that you must take out insurance at the same time as the mortgage.

The exception is hiring a policy that guarantees that you can pay off your debt with the bank. This means that the bank may condition the approval of your mortgage on the subscription of home insurance and life insurance or payment protection.

In any case, the new mortgage law dictates that, in this case, you will have the right to sign this insurance with the company you want, not necessarily with the one proposed by the bank.

In addition, if you contract this insurance with a company of your choice, the bank will not be able to worsen the conditions of your mortgage.

And knowing all this you have a lot of peace of mind and confidence to buy a house in Almeria.



In relation to the price of mortgages.

According to the real estate consulting firm Tinsa, Badajoz is the province of Spain with the lowest monthly mortgage payments on average, with 331 euros per month. On the other side of the classification are the Balearic Islands, with 792 euros per month.

Therefore, the national average amounts to 543 euros per installment, which is approximately what you will pay to buy a flat in Almeria.

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