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Mortgage financing

When buying a flat, we usually turn to real estate agencies to find the house of our dreams, while when we need mortgage financing, we go to a bank. But there is the possibility of managing the mortgage of our home through a real estate finance company.

Financial companies act as intermediaries with banks to find and sell the loans that best suit clients

Currently the banks are the ones that are mostly in charge of mortgage financing, but they are not the only ones doing business in this market, in this field the financial real estate agencies enter. Most offer financial intermediation and some even have their own brand to seek credit from potential buyers of their apartments.

The greatest advantage that buyers will obtain when managing the mortgage through the financial intermediaries of a real estate agency is that they save time and access a greater range of possibilities than doing a direct search.

Access to housing for the youngest

The difficulties of young people when accessing to buy a home in Almería is becoming a big problem. This has led to entities and financial institutions working on a formula to facilitate young people’s access to a mortgage. One of the options is the extension of a mortgage credit insurance.

At this point there are more advantages than disadvantages. The main one is the comfort and security of leaving it in the hands of an expert.

Difference of a finance company with respect to a bank

Real estate finance companies improve conditions as they are great experts when negotiating larger volumes of mortgages. The volume of mortgages that are managed through real estate companies can reach 40% and is increasing every year.

The cost of this intermediation service varies depending on the operation, the price is agreed in advance and varies between 1% and 5%.

With the available data, knowing that banks require a mortgage guarantee, the most convenient would be a mortgage loan, since it is a much more flexible solution. If at any time you need to use a part of the credit and then you have liquidity, you will have the total credit available again.

You must know at all times that the available mortgage credit is “resolute” so that you can operate as we suggest.

If you are determined to make the leap in buying your home and you need professionals to advise you and help you finance your mortgage, you can visit our savings solutions page.

On June 16, a new mortgage law will come into force. This new law benefits consumers. From marketing expenses and commissions, the change of loans from variable to fixed.

Jump into the purchase of your home with the help of great professionals in mortgage financing.