Many people, most of them individuals, are considering the possibility of buying and selling a home, especially the sale. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips to sell a home well. Getting your home ready for visits and finding the right price are one of the main factors.

Let’s start with the advice on the sale of your home

1. Patience

The first and perhaps most important tip of all is to be patient. the average time to sell a property or property in Spain is quite high, exactly about 9 months.

2. Set an appropriate price for the current market

It is essential that the price that is going to be assigned to your home remains in line with the reality of the market. You have to be aware of the current situation and not set the price based on highly sentimental criteria. If there is any doubt in this field, you have the option of conducting a home appraisal.

3. Taking pictures and clear description

Today the probability of selling a property without having properly cleaned it up is quite low. When customers visit the home, the first thing they will look at will be the appearance and condition of the home. With the help and advice of professionals in Home Staging you will improve the state of your home. And of course, we must not forget transparency when describing your home, indicating its surface, equipment, orientation and any additional element such as elevator, garage, garden, terrace, common areas, etc.

4.Depersonalize the home

Before offering your home to visitors, you must have time to get the house ready. When it comes to decoration and furniture, you have to be especially careful. In fact, it is better to show the house empty or with very few elements and make the house appear larger. If you can’t store your belongings elsewhere, at least remove the most personal mementos or bulkier ornamental details from view. It is important that the space is as neutral as possible so that it fits in with the largest number of buyer profiles.

5.Don’t disengage

In the case of dispensing with a real estate agent, you should not ignore and wait for the interested contacts to reach you. If you observe that many people access your ad but few people come to contact you or they are not of quality, it may be the case that the information about the property, the appearance / impression of it, or that the price is not tight.

6.Let yourself be advised by professionals

Leaving the sale of the house in the hands of professionals in the real estate sector will free you from many worries such as visits to see your home, advising you on the best sale price, the qualities that can be highlighted, etc.


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